Payment Options and Supplimantary Insurance support

The payment policy adopted by Iran Health Center Inc. support different customers preferations payment options as it suits them. Here are available payment options other than cash payment that Iran Health Center Inc. will make available to the clients. through supplimentary insurance in Iran.

Supplimantary Insurances

  • Hafez Ateyehsazan Insurance
  • Asia Insurance
  • Iran Insurance
  • Alborz Insurance
  • Tejarat bank Insurance
  • Export Development Bank Insurance
  • Refah Bank Insurance
  • Sepah Bank Insurance
  • Export Bank Insurance
  • Mines and Industries bank Insurance
  • Agriculture Bank Insurance
  • Central Bank of Iran Insurance
  • Maskan Bank Insurance
  • Mellat Bank Insurance
  • Melli Bank Insurance
  • Parsian Bank Insurance
  • Pasargad Bank Insurance
  • Dana Insurance
  • Dey Insurance
  • Razi Insurance
  • Iran Newspaper Agency Insurance
  • IDRO Org. Insurance
  • Saman Insurance
  • Sina Insurance
  • Telecommunication Infrastructure Co. Insurance
  • Mobile and regulatory Co. Insurance
  • Mellat Insurance
  • Daya group Insurance
  • SOS Insurance