Iran Health Center Inc. Products and Services

Iran Health Center Inc. will offer emergency and non-emergency transportation services in the Iran area for customers seeking reliable transportation services.

Moreover, clients needs a specialized transportation partner who is caring and dependable. As well as, efficient and cost-effective. we offers a wide variety of transportation services. His paratransit services are reliable, punctual, safe, and economical.

The range of our services at Iran Health Center Inc.

  • Providing ambulance services to hospitals to transport hospitalized patients by experienced doctors and nurses
  • Establishing an ambulance, doctor, nurse and providing emergency services in facilities, refineries and projects in need
  • Transportation of patients in need of special services with super-specialized ambulances to all parts of the country
  • Dispatch of doctor, nurse and paramedic along with ambulance with all equipment for applicants
  • Sending the patient with an experienced team and all special and advanced medical equipment by AIR AMBULANCE to anywhere in the world
  • Patient transit with an experienced team by transit ambulances equipped with all special and advanced medical equipment
  • Covering sports competitions and activities requiring rescue teams
  • Medical advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Coordination, consultation and reservation of hospital beds - clinics - medical diagnostic centers - doctors' offices and...